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Welcome to the Transformer Classic. I have run this show since 2006 under different names, but last year i thought this name will stick!

My motivation for presenting this show comes from being the only person to win Bill Hemsworth's "Mr Cumbria" 3 times, that started my lifelong bodybuilding journey.

I have enjoyed so many positive experiences through the physical culture lifestyle that i want to offer others opportunity and a helping hand into a wonderful sport.

I also like to reward competitors for all their efforts. This is only possible through the very kind sponsorship of many local businesses each year. I want to thank every single one of these sponsors genuinely for their support. I belie that it makes a real difference for winners to receive a gift in such a costly sport.

Then finally to you, the audience. This small local show is renowned for having one of the loudest, most supportive crowds in the country. Personally, I can testify to how important it is to competitors who literally put blood, sweat and tears into this sport. To have months of work and sacrifice recognised and appreciated by friends, family and even strangers is one of the best feelings ever.

So with that I ask you all to give your clapping muscles and vocal chords the best workout ever and get behind you favorite athletes and together lets raise the roof on the wonderful "Coronation Hall" venue.

Jo Walker 


"Jo Walker has competed at the highest amature level and won several titles throughout his career."

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